Selgiene Virucidal Cleaning Wipes - Bucket 460 Sheets

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Selden Segiene Virucidal Wipes

Foodsafe, non fragranced cleaning and sanitising wipe. 

EN 16615, EN 14476, EN 1276, EN 1650.

Proven to work in dirty conditions killing up to 99.99% of Coronavirus after 1 minute contact time 
Suitable for use on any water washable hard surfaces these wipes are lactic acid so 90% less damaging to surfaces, suitable  catering, housekeeping, education and healthcare environments 

Selgiene wipes leave no harmful residues 
Uses a natural sanitiser and is Quat free, Alcohol free, Bleach free, PHMB free 
High Performance, low lint, 50% natural / 50% synthetic wipe for all round Cleaning and Disinfection 

Each 20x17cm wipe covers 1.5m2