Band of Builders; small kindnesses and everyday heroes.

There are a group of tradesmen who come together to make others lives better. They're called Band of Builders, a charity set up to improve the lives of other tradesmen. 

In 2016 Addam Smith set out to help his friend Keith Ellick after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Together, he and a 50-strong team of plumbers, builders, gardeners, tilers, plasterers and landscapers, renovated Keith's family home and sens them all on holiday while they did so. They created a safe, comfortable home for Keith and his family, that they could enjoy even when he was gone.

It was the catalyst for the beginning of Band of Builders, and since that time the team have gone on to complete multiple projects for others with the help of donations and volunteers. 

We feel very privileged to have been asked to provide the PPE for their latest project; helping Jonnie in Holland-on-Sea.

After a brain aneurysm in 2012, Jonnie is now wheelchair-bound and is in need of modifications to his home in order to make it accessible. After being hospitalised for over 14 months, John, who likes to be known as 'Jonnie', has no access to washing facilities and has to sleep downstairs. Band of Builders' work includes landscaping the garden and creating ramped access to the property. 

Jonnie’s wife Jackie said: “This will be life changing, we can't thank Band of Builders enough for your support."

The project begins on Monday 27th May, and we are excited to watch it all unfold over the week. 

Please head over to Band of Builders website to read more on Jonnie's project, and find out more about their work. You can also find out how to donate and buy merchandise.

Everyday heroes do exist, after all.