Beating the cold weather blues

For many of us who work outside, the cold snap might not be our favourite time to be at work. And as the first of December has passed, we've shifted into winter and summer now seems like a distant, fond memory; it's time to get serious about the cold weather.

Here are our hottest tips to beat those cold weather blues at work.

  • Take regular and more frequent breaks in the warm. You should be provided with a mobile facility for that reason if you're on-site.
  •  Make more time for warm drinks. All those jokes about builders and tea? They're justified in the icy months.
  • Pop a hand warmer or two into your coat pockets. We won't tell.
  • Think; does this precise job need to be done right now? Can it wait until warmer weather instead?
  • Keep moving, particularly your feet. Try doing a bit of stamping on the spot if you've been still for a while.
  • Don't just think about what you're putting on over your clothes, thermal underlayers are key to staying warm.
  • Educate yourself on the symptoms of cold stress, and keep an eye out on your fellow colleagues. 
  • Ensure you're being provided with the right protective equipment for the job, and if you're not, question it.
  • And importantly, stock up on the cold weather gear you need to see you through. Warm coats essential. Gloves necessary.

You can shop a selection of our cold weather workwear here. We've got it all, apart from the warm woollen socks - those you'll have to provide yourself.

Some info provided from the HSE website.