Clean Up January; maintaining your PPE.

As Christmas looms ever close (9 sleeps now kids!), things might well be speeding up for you right now. The jobs that need to get done and out to clients before the year's out, the loose ends that need tidying up, money that needs to be chased up, and, of course, the Christmas party that needs to happen.

But January; January is the land of fresh starts and organisation and time. Quite often, the big old December rush gifts us a long old expanse of quiet January. It may mean that jobs are quieter than we like, but on the bright side we have time to put some of those ducks in a row for when things speed up again.

Time to get our PPE in order, we think.

Maintaining our PPE throughout the year is essential. When you're working, an old filter or a worn-out toe cap may spell disaster. And while we may be thinking about the immediate injuries more often than not, we now know the long term effects that some of the substances we're exposed to on the regular can have on our bodies without the right kind of protection.

So, we're advocating for a Clean Up January. A time to place yourselves, your employees and your businesses in good stead for a healthy and profitable year. 

Our top tips for maintaining your PPE:

  • Keep records of what you did and when. Makes it so much easier when you're two months down the line trying to remember just when it was that you last changed the filter on that mask.
  • And keep a chart for other things. If it's something that needs maintaining within a certain number of uses, always be aware of when that last use is going to be.
  • Keep spares in stock. Batteries, filters, disposable garments... Delegate out to an employee the maintenance of the stock cupboard, and order in before you run out.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Ensure it's a competent person undertaking work of changing and fixing equipment.
  • Source any replacements from the original manufacturer if possible, to ensure the equipment continues to operate efficiently.
  • Don't let important things lapse, the yearly allowance for boots for example.

Anything we've forgotten? Let us know how you ensure your PPE stays spick and span and doing the proper job.

We've got plenty of replacements, boots, disposable equipment and those things that might just be running low in your stock cupboard. Hop over to the shop to order and get set for January.