How can we help you?

We are not just PPE.

We are on the construction sites. We are the suppliers of hard hats and safety gloves. We are on the feet of the working men and women.

We are in the offices. We are in the janitorial closets, providing mops and buckets, and toilet rolls, and cleaning sprays, and bin bags, and cloths.

We are in the workshops. We provide dust masks and ear defenders. We send out knee pads and overalls.

We are in the labs. We supply work coats and gloves.

We are in the factories. We are on the backs of men and women wearing our workwear, on the feet of those wearing our shoes.

We help keep schools clean.

We kit out plumbers and electricians.

We supply joiners and carpenters, your local builders and your large firms.

We hand out suncream.

We send out first aid kits.

We are on the hands of the vets.

We are in the vans of the tradesmen.

We are in the store cupboards of gyms.

We are in a lot of places.

We are not just PPE. We are many, many things.

How can we help you?