How can we help you?: Schools

Is anyone else getting that end of August back-to-school feeling? The school shoes have been purchased, the stationary is packed and the janitorial cupboard needs filling. 

That last one? We can help with that.

G&A stock a large range of janitorial products, with brands such as Clover Chemicals and Deb, as well as all your paper hygiene. From mop heads and buckets through to bleach and toilet cleaner it's all here at G&A, and, what's more, we'd be more than happy to come and consult with you on your individual needs. Together we can come to an order tailored specifically to your school.

What can we provide to you?

These coloured mop buckets and mop heads are perfect for keeping separate areas hygienic and clean. Colour code areas with an associated mop and bucket to reduce risk of cross-contamination.






Clover Chemicals has you covered for cleaning supplies; sprays, bleach and cleaners. Choose from a variety of sizes of products for your needs.

Henry Hoovers are almost a staple in the cleaning cupboard, and our Numatic Hepa-Flo bags are heavy duty and hard wearing.

Scourers, microfibre cloths, absorbent cloths and dusters, we have all your basics here.

To find out more on what we can provide for your school, click through to view our full back to school range.