Rock Fall boots have landed.

They're innovative, homegrown and leaders in their industry. Rock Fall curate their line from specialist technologies, materials and components from around the world, and in doing so create boots that last. Their due diligence testing is vast and worldwide, they are specialists in their field and also create boots that just plain look good.

All of this - and more - are reasons that we feel incredibly pleased to have added them to our roster of safety wear. 

We would even go as far as to say that if we were going to be picking boots for our own use, Rock Fall would be going to the top of our list.

Their biggest asset? The high standard of protective components that Rock Fall employs. Fibreglass toecaps are a standard, along with the usual steel toecaps. They create high protection in the most necessary of areas with metatarsal guards, ankle support and digging plates, while R-TEN™ flame-resistant thread means that the smallest details aren't forgotten. And though they use Kevlar midsoles in some boots, price is always considered with stainless steels midsoles being used to ensure some more price sensitive styles.

We believe at G&A that spending a little more is sometimes worth it. And while Rock Fall's styles aren't always the cheapest money can be, they are undoubtedly long-lasting and comfortable. Not only is health at the forefront of Rock Fall, but sustainability also sits right alongside it.

So, which are our favourites?

The Rock Fall ProMan Jackson

 One of the more price sensitive options that Rock Fall offers, we like the Jackson with its moisture-wicking lining, and steel toecaps and midsole. Perfect if you want a lower price without compromising on safety or comfort.

The Rock Fall Flint

The Flint looks really good, with its waxy brown leather and slightly rugged exterior. The flexible midsole has anti-penetration technologies, executing comfort and safety perfectly.

We have five styles at G&A for now, with more to be added soon. If you want to see more of our range, click through!