Scruffs; Welcome to G&A

At nearly 20 years old, Scruffs is one of the newer kids on the block but it's still just as good as the old boys. Hard-wearing, long-lasting and comfy, it's everything you need and want for working all day.

Their Switchback boots still look good, while also being super functional and full of modern tech. Comfy insoles, anti-static, and slip-resistant, they'll do more than simply protect your feet. They're also available in black, tan and brown, so you have plenty of choice too.

We also have jackets and trousers to keep you warm, dry and comfortable, but one of our favourite things from our selection are the winter essentials packs. Grab one and have a good-looking beanie, warm gloves and a handy neckwarmer - perfect for those cold winter mornings on the way, and easy to pull up over your mouth and nose when needed.

Click through to shop our current selection of Scruffs, and watch this space as they grow with us too.