Selden Virucidal Wipes

New virucidal wipes in a bucket have been added to the trusted Seldon Selgiene Virucidal Range 

Selden have been developing this new wipes of virucidal wipes and the results are outstanding:!!

This wet wipe kills 99.99% of Coronavirus within 1 minute off contact time

These wipes are alcohol, quat and bleach free so are less damaging to waterproof wipeable surfaces.  These wipes are a natural lactic acid virucide that contain a detergent to efficiently clean dirt and grease without cross contamination and spread of pathogens/bacteria.

Many manufacturers do not test wipes, they only test the liquid within, the Selgiene wipes is tested and accredited EN16615 thus making this an important factor for the healthcare and educational sector

Available products

460 wipes Bucket

5 Litre Ultra Selgiene

750ml Ultra Selgiene Sprey