Springing into warmer weather!

It might not feel like it right now, but spring is here and surely, surely it's going to start warming up soon.

Now's the time to start shedding the thick, heavy winter coats in exchange for the lighter side of outerwear. Easy to layer and easy to take off, we recommend long-sleeved tops with jackets or fleeces.

Here are some of our top picks for the season:

A Dewalt hoody is perfect for those cool mornings before the sun is truly out, warm but easy enough to take off if things heat up.

A jacket that looks as good as it is practical, the CAT AG softshell jacket is a professional choice for site while being full of pockets and features like a drop tail for extra wind protection.

And at a cool £20.25, our Apache hybrid jacket has everything you need at an affordable price tag. Its breathable material means it keeps you warm without making you sweat it out.

Need more options for the spring weather? Check out our full Spring 2020 collection here.