Sunscreen is not just for sunburn

We all know why we should wear sunscreen, and not just in the warmer months too. All year round, UVA and UVB rays are detrimentally harmful to our skin, and can ultimately cause skin cancers if we're not careful.

Good sunscreen plus being well-covered is an integral part to our summer routine, especially when working outside. Covering up is a part of PPE for both our shot-term and long-term health.

But do you know that sunscreen can also protect from UVC rays too?

UVC rays don't naturally occur on earth, or at least UVC can't make it's way from the sun through our atmosphere. However, some industrial processes such as welding do create them.

When it comes to welding, we recommend wearing full protection but also slapping on the sunscreen too. The sunscreen might not replace PPE, but it does enhance it.

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