The TraffiGlove system explained

The TraffiGlove system is beautifully simple yet effective; gloves come in three colours - red, amber and green – that relate to the level of protection provided:

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Red gloves are for low risk work

Red traffigloveThis might include fine product assembly, general handling, warehouse work and maintenance - jobs which are not dangerous but where protection is still needed. The colour also acts as a warning to the wearer to think about whether they need to change to a different colour glove offering more protection is they change tasks. The red gloves are also a good choice to give to visitors who may need to wear protective gloves to comply with on-site safety regulations.

Amber gloves offer a medium level of cut protection

Amber traffigloveThey are ideal for second fix construction trades, mechanical and electrical trades steel fixing and handling materials with sharp edges.

Green gloves offer the highest level of protection

Green traffigloveThey are the best choice for greater cut risk tasks such as applying cladding, swarf and metal work and handling glass or sheet metal with cut edges. They also provide the higher protection necessary when dealing with unknown risks such as dangerous, sharp or contaminated objects, for example, in the waste and recycling industries when you could come across unknown risks.


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