TraffiGloves: Creating a priority wheel for your workplace.

TraffiGloves are ingenious. They are quite possibly one of the most effective forms of PPE to integrate into your workplace; instant recognition of who's wearing the right protection, the ability to cross language barriers with its traffic light system, and an unrivalled range of different gloves available. 

Really, the only thing left for you to figure out is which gloves are going to work for you and your employees. Sometimes that can feel a little overwhelming, particularly when you've got a wide range of needs on your site. 

That's why TraffiGlove have created a system specifically for that, a priority wheel to use to help you decide which gloves you need. 

In creating a priority wheel as a team, you are able to effectively ensure that each member's voice is heard when it comes to the important features they feel their gloves need. Collating from a set list of priorities cuts through a lot of uncertainty and decision-making, leaving you with a clear cut idea of what your team need from their gloves.

The range of TraffiGloves we have on offer is vast, and you can shop it in its entirety here.

You can watch TraffiGlove's video below to find out more and help you to effectively choose the right kind of glove for your team.