Welcome Hard Yakka Workwear and Safety Footwear to the UK 🦘

G'day Hard Yakka had landed in the UK 

What is Yakka, it is a word derived form the aboriginal word for 'Work'  Born in the 1930's the Hard Yakka brand has become synonymous with quality, toughness and durability.  Through the following decades Hard Yakka has grown to be an integral part of the fabric of Australia  It is one of the most recognisable brands in the country and one of the largest suppliers of workwear in the Southern Hemisphere.  

With key environmental objectives Hard Yakka are aligned to the United Nations Development Goals(SDG) concentrating specifically on

  • Waste and water use
  • Plastic reduction
  • Climate change
  • Recycling
  • Suppliers

Hard Yakka believe their workwear shouldn't cost the Earth and has initiatives such as ethnically sourced cotton and sustainable recycled materials.

Offering both mens and ladies workwear and footwear ranges that are all of the above and more as the brand elevates workwear to make your working day comfortable, safe and very on trend.

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