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DTS Protect™ Blue Strong Nitrile Gloves

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Protect your hands while working with DTS Protect™ Blue Strong Nitrile Gloves. These disposable gloves provide reliable protection and are made with strong nitrile material. Keep your hands safe and clean with DTS Protect™ gloves!

DTR protect Disposable Nitrile Gloves offer an exceptional level of protection against chemicals, bacteria and viruses. They maximise hygiene, minimise risks to the wearer and help to prevent contamination of products that the wearer comes into contact with.
They are most suitable for use in the following industries:
·      Healthcare/Medical Industry
·      Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry
·      Food Processing and Service Industry
·      Industrial/Manufacturing
·      Cleaning and Janitorial Services
·      Tattoo and Beauty Industry
·      Emergency Services
·      Agriculture
·      Science and Research

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