A Healthy, Safe New Year

A new year, a new decade, a whole new set of numbers. 2020 is here, and hands up who's fallen off the new year's resolutions wagon already?

Whether it's Veganuary that's your thing, you're giving Dry January a go, or you're firmly in camp "let's just get through the month", I'm sure there's plenty of new year, new you bumf being touted wherever you look.

But, may we add just one more?

This year at G&A we're contemplating how we can make the new year even safer and healthier for the workplace. And we've written a few top tips to help you make it through January and the rest feeling more knowledgable, less strained and better equipped to deal with health and safety challenges at work.

  • Think PPE last. We might be here to fulfil your PPE needs, but we're never going to lie to you. PPE should always be a last resort. Put prevention to the top of the list and instead look through guidelines to find how you can be making your environment safer before you strap on the protective gear.

  • Talk safety. Make safety a common conversation as a workplace, form a culture where it's the norm, constantly ask each other "how can we make this safer?". And if you're unsure, speak up. Don't forget that you could be saving limbs or lives.
  • Keep organised. January is usually quiet, the slowest month after a mad Christmas rush. With all of that in mind, we advocate for a Clean-Up January. Now sure what that is? Click through to our post to find out more.

Any new year's workplace resolutions you've got ready?