How safety gloves can protect more than just the hand

Workforce safety is paramount, and employers and workers alike have a duty of care to ensure that correct safety equipment is in use at all times.

The TraffiGlove protection is rapidly becoming the number one choice for hand safety in industries throughout the world, in no small part due to fact it provides a clear visual indicator of good practice and commitment to safety. The TraffiGlove system is beautifully simple yet effective; gloves come in three colours - red, amber and green – that relate to the level of protection provided.

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Achieving far more than simply reducing the risk of hand-related injuries

A clear benefit of the system is that, for the first time, site foremen and supervisors can see at a glance if workers are wearing the appropriate level of hand protection for the type of work they are doing.

This means that the system goes beyond simply reducing the risk of hand-related injuries, it draws attention to those who may be putting themselves and their colleagues at risk. After all, if they are not wearing the correct hand protection, what other aspects of on-site safety are they not paying proper attention to?

With an estimated 4.5 million working days lost every year due to non-fatal workplace injuries, sites that adopt the highly visual TraffiGlove system are believed to develop an increased level of health and safety compliance, reducing accidents, improving worker satisfaction and productivity.


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