Work wear for the colder weather.

Last week we wrote about how to beat the cold weather blues, with some handy tips and tricks, as well as some legislation to be aware of. But what we didn't go into is the biggest thing you can do to help keep you warmer; the clothing.

We're in our coldest time now, December becoming January, and when the highest average temperature is a balmy 7 degrees, we think it's worth getting geared up. 

Thermals, warm boots, socks, gloves, coats. All things that are going to make the days or nights more bearable, whether you're shovelling concrete in the snow or under a car bonnet in a draughty garage.

Below, we've listed some of our favourites, the things that we recommend wholeheartedly and honestly to anyone looking at a long cold winter at work.

Everyone needs a good coat, and arguably the Helly Hansen Berg jacket is one of the best looking work coats out there. There's a detachable hood for frigid, rainy days, and reflective panels if the nights are drawing in. The adjustable velcro around the wrists is perfect for keeping the cold out.

Thermals are the most underrated of clothing, but make such a huge difference in keeping you warm. Ours are by Portwest, and the mix of polyester and cotton traps in heat while also allowing your body to breathe.

The Stanley Berkely boots come with a built-in waterproof liner, as well as waterproof nubuck on the outside so are perfect for ensuring your feet are warm and dry.

And lastly, just because you have to wear gloves as PPE, doesn't always mean that your hands need to stay cold. Depending on what your needs are, TraffiGloves have a range of thermal gloves for a variety of purposes.

Stay warm this winter, and have a look through our cold weather collection if what you're looking for isn't here.